Pyo E

b. 1993, Seoul, South Korea

S(H)IT – An ordinary object work, 2021
Steel tube, scaffolding clamp, photo-printed fabric
80 x 100 x 90 cm

Window View – An ordinary object II, 2022
Steel square tube, mosquito net, LED strip, acrylic board, photo print on PVC
50 x 70 cm

An industrial chair built from scaffolding pipes and photo-printed cloth starts to resemble the expansiveness of the starry sky, or perhaps just the spattering of paint. A portal into the cosmos through mundane materials, Pyo E’s expanded sculptures connect humble construction materials to the industrial sublime. An accompanying work presents a vista from the window of a ship: buoys and objects bob around in the sea, while a row of small white LED strip lights form a horizontal band of illumination – perhaps the port lights of an approaching or departing city. This restrained but poetic work evokes a powerful contemplative atmosphere, implying a larger story of movement, loss, transience, migration or discovery. Deeply informed by photography, Pyo E approaches her practice as a form of storytelling or autobiographical fiction, crafting empathetic narratives onto which the viewer might map their own journeys and emotional histories.

Born in Seoul, Pyo E is a Korean artist living in Vienna. She studied photography in Korea and is now enrolled in Bildhauerei und Installation (Sculpture and Installation) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Expanding her art practice in different media, she now works with sculpture, installation and video.

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