b. 1993, Vienna, Austria

HOOD140, 2022
Digital video with sound
17 minutes

Using 3d-modelling software, Kubakub creates a speculative urban landscape or ‘hoodscape’ navigated by avataristic characters. The bleak but awe-inspiring architectural setting, based in part on Vienna’s Neu Marx neighbourhood, could be interpreted as dystopian, but Kubakub shows us how the alienating design of the hoodscape can be ruptured through music (in particular, grime), leading to the forging of communal bonds and fluctuating identities.

A graduate of the Art and Architecture pathway at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Kubakub’s work presents architecture as “a discipline with few constraints”. His practice emphasises learning, process and the virtual realm, which he believes will play a major role in our future society. Rather than 3D artworks, he classifies his work as ‘urban poetry’, “as it's nothing else than (re)discovering, (re)forming, (re)positioning setups, scripts, models, or prefabs in relation to each other. For this purpose I certainly see my work as a heterotrophic medium of emancipatory change.”

Born in Vienna with a Polish background, Kubakub (Jakob Jakubowski) is an architect, music producer, 3D artist and AR developer. He recently graduated in Art and Architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. His work has been exhibited and awarded in multiple festivals such as the Athens Digital Arts Festival, Best Austrian Animation Festival, Europan15 and Gagarin.doc. He has also worked with numerous artists and architects, including Hannes Stiefel, Anna Artaker, Wolfgang Tschapeller and Ataka51 on design competitions and projects.

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