Jérôme David Meinlschmidt

b. 1994, Nuremberg, Germany

The heaviest burden series, 2022
oil on canvas board
30 x 24 cm
60 x 60 cm
80 x 60 cm
60 x 60 cm
30 x 24 cm
15 x 10 cm
24 x 30 cm

Mysterious figures run abound in the dystopian concrete terrains of Jérôme David Meinlschmidt’s The heaviest burden series. Lost in a disorientating blankness, and suspended in time and place, their faces bear no defining characteristics, while the towering brutalist structures that surround them evoke Soviet architecture, cast in a theatrical blue light. It’s unclear whether the figures’ anxious movements are the product of civil uprising, state terror or nuclear war; their plight takes on an eerie resonance each time new atrocities in Europe unfold.

The threatening, the uncanny and the sublime are all clear devices here, used by Meinlschmidt to unpack the challenges of the moral being in the face of corrupt power dynamics. A decay of human values and morality drive the oppressive and egoistic relations of these dystopian settings, producing an omnipresent feeling of emotional and physical threat. As a tool to combat this, Meinlschmidt advocates modesty, humility and a harmonic relation between the community and the individual.

Born in Nuremberg, Meinlschmidt has been based in Vienna since 2012. He studied BA Philosophy at the University of Vienna, before enrolling in Expanded Pictorial Space, Daniel Richter’s class at the Academy of Fine Arts. Recent exhibitions include Painters on the Run III at Gallerie Hollerei (2022), Parallel Vienna Art Fair (2021), and numerous projects in collaboration with the Art Kolkhoz Art Group.

︎ meinlschmidt@gmx.at