Grace Woodcock

b. 1993, Luton, UK

Siphon III, 2022
Textile, board and upholstery foam
88 x 48 x 26 cm

At once resembling an architectural model and an orifice, Grace Woodcock’s Siphon III is a cavernous oval form enticingly placed on a plinth and inviting us to peer inside. A concave structure of undulating patterns covered in stretchy pink dance fabrics, it mimics the rhythms of the body, experimenting with texture and form, the biological and the mechanical. “My forms give your body something to map onto, reflecting back a feeling it knows, a memory of a sensation,” writes the artist of her work. “1960s Space Age permeates my work, recalling the optimism for the pursuit of the unknown which was so energetic at that time, and a vision of curvaceous environments with bodily intimacy. Through combining experimental upholstery techniques with CAD software I make soft sculptures, wearables and furniture. Layers of foam and textile are hijacked with traces of spirulina, prebiotics and zinc oxide, charging sculptures with organic energy as if live tissue.”

Grace Woodcock is a London-based artist working across installation, soft sculptures, wearables, furniture and sound collaborations. Recent shows include a solo exhibition, GUT-BRAIN, at Castor, and group shows at Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer; The Artist Room; Rugby Art Gallery & Museum; The Factory/Thorp Stavri/Haze Projects; Leicester Contemporary; Fels World; Richmix and Castor. She was a 2021 recipient of Arts Council England’s Develop Your Creative Practice grant and she was awarded a masters from the Royal College of Art in 2019. Grace has work in international collections including X Museum in Beijing, Fundación MEDIANOCHE0 and Marcelle Joseph’s Collections.


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