Esther Vörösmarty

b. Vienna, Austria

Back to the Future, 2022
Aluminium, printed foam, plastic
110 x 70 cm and 110 x 60 cm

Folds of pink foam are digitally printed with fragmented body parts in Esther Vörösmarty’s Back to the Future. While their pleated shapes evoke the tactility of flesh, the tubular metal structures from which they hang have a cold or perhaps clinical aspect. In a world in which sexual encounters are increasingly navigated through digital means, these sculptures might serve to highlight the gulf between the pixels we watch on a screen and the physicality of touch. Alienation is evoked, and yet these soft pink forms are also appealing, playful: celebrating the ‘sex appeal of the inorganic’.

Esther Vörösmarty extends the concept of sculpture to almost every visual medium and unites performance, photography, sculpture and installation to create a fascinating synthesis of the arts. Her installations make reference to contemporary as well as historical events or philosophical themes such as transformation and transcendence. She embeds ideas like beauty mania and body cult into the context of the cultural tradition of Europe, combining unbridled image sequences and focusing on questions of identity and human existence. Reflecting on life, its metaphors and contradictions, Vörösmarty opens our view on gender-related physiology and psychology in a philosophical way. She is not afraid of imperfections, taboo topics or cliches, but interested in complexities, sensual and idealised questions, freeing it from stereotypes whilst adding another point of view.

Born in Vienna, Esther Vörösmarty studies art and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her work fuses sculpture, photography, installation, performance, and video, producing idiosyncratic, disquieting works that address physicality and gender. Solo and group exhibitions of her work have taken place in international and national institutions, including Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai; DongGang, Museum of Photography, Seoul; Vienna Art Week; Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna; Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna; Parallel Vienna; Radiokulturhaus, Vienna; Landesmuseum Linz; Embassy of the Netherlands, Vienna and Austrian Culture Forum, London.


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