Alfred Rottensteiner

b. 1988, Baden, Austria

Alfred Rottensteiner feat. Maximilian Atteneder – That’s why I’m doing Art, 2020
Three-channel multi-screen with sound
6:47 mins

Three-channel multi-screen with sound
2:41 mins

Disfigured bliss, 2021
Acrylic, oil, acrylic spray and tulle on canvas
220 x 150 cm

“In my work I thwart heteronormative human structures. In mostly multimedia pictorial spaces, I draw cracks through monocultural fields based on questions of diversity. A queer intervention manifests itself through the appropriation and distortion of ‘ruling’ paints. The question of truth and fiction is also reflected in the distorted-illusion painting. The tulle curtain covers failed feet and thus makes the layers or the history of the painting conscious. Aesthetic artistic formulations act as a pedagogical dimension of art to attract people and trigger a chain reaction of questions. It posits not knowing as a solution and opening to the unknown. Queer Intervention!” – Alfred Rottensteiner

Alfred Rottensteiner (b. 1988, Baden) is an Austrian artist who lives and works in Vienna. He studied painting in the classes of Daniel Richter and Ashley Hans Scheirl (2022) and art education with Jakob Lena Knebl (2020) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 2020–2021 he studied at the HFBK University of the Arts Hamburg as part of the ASA scholarship (Art School Alliance). After his stay in Hamburg, he did Erasmus at Central Saint Martins in London in 2021. In January 2022, after several participations in group exhibitions in off-spaces, museums and galleries, the artist had his first solo museum exhibition entitled “If there is something weird in your neighborhood” in the Queer Museum, located in the Museum of Folk Culture in Vienna.


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