Aitor González

b. 1994, Valencia, Spain

We must write in the language of the enemy, 2016/2022
Magazines, scratch-off paper
134 x 53 cm

Four magazines line up on a low plinth. In a gesture of invitation, they are left open – and yet their smooth surfaces conceal more than they reveal: a thin skin of silver foil covers each open page; the kind used on scratch cards. Fragments of text, image and colour are left visible around the borders, revealing that these are art and architecture magazines of a certain quality of design and taste, but their modernist typefaces and black and white photographs are masked over, disguised in a minimalist sheet of slightly glossy grey. Of course, in theory this could all be scratched off by a 2 pence coin or a fingernail, once again revealing the contents of the magazines – but left open, they hover in a vulnerable and liminal space between language and silence, gesture and erasure, blankness and expression.

Aitor González’ practice explores the poetic possibilities of objects, processes and stories taken from the everyday. Uprooted from their context, signs and objects are transformed in order to create new narratives. His production moves between the liminal spaces of knowing and understanding. Trained in sculpture, González has moved towards a more interdisciplinary practice incorporating drawing, painting and mixed media works. His work incorporates the themes of collective memory, family, myths, the diaspora experience and childhood. His perspective is informed by navigating spaces as a queer person – and the notions of alternative fluid histories and intimacies it entails.

González is a Quechua/Spanish artist living and working in London. He studied Fine Arts at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia and the University of Leeds. Recently he was included in MELTDOWN, Ridley Road Project Space, London (2022); The Manchester Contemporary and an accompanying exhibition Grey Area (curated by Kevin Hunt), PINK, Manchester (2022); Preparations (curated by LateWorks), Cafe OTO, London (2021) and A bark in the night woke me up to a bed with no sheets, Robert’s Gallery, Glasgow. He is working on an artist’s book with Forma Editions.


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